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Commercial Market

The commercial market includes a variety of services, including shavers, markets, hands, coffees, cosmetics and other services

Entertainment Club

An entertainment club with Olympic swimming pools, restaurants, cafés, tennis courts, football and green spaces with a distinctive architectural design mixed with modernity and heritage.

Health Clinic

A private health clinic in El Ayad residential complex contains multiple clinics in dentistry, internal medicine and cardiology. It also includes high quality medical pharmacies under the supervision of the most famous doctors



Due to the need and the need of housing in Baghdad and the presence of the mechanism of investment in Iraq made the United hands on real estate  investment company large and distinguished its project as the services and all the comforts is residential construction hands complex and duration of the completion of three years

 as the residential units are sold in installments for citizens and employee

Founded by Dr. Ali Oraibi, Al- Ayadi Group Co. For Real Estate, Inc. (Ayadigroup) is a leading privately held real estate investment company specializing in multifamily and commercial real estate. Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, we maintain a diversified portfolio of quality commercial property investments across the Baghdad


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